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If you're still using your gmail, hotmail, yahoo or a personal account for your business, you could be losing clients and sending out the wrong message; that you're not a professional business and that you don't take yourself seriously!

It may seem trivial, but think about it; if you're emailing a big company like Sky or your utility company, they have their own domain name email, not sky@yahoo or gascompany@hotmail!

You may see this as something unimportant, but potential clients may see it as a sign that you don't invest in your business and therefore may look for someone that does!

For a fee of 50€, I will set up your email account, connect it to your domain name and set up all the back end MX, TXT and DNS records as well. You will then have your very own business email which will look like, ready to handout to potential clients.

You will also have access to the app itself, so you can get all your mail on mobile, as well as on your desktop.


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