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Custom Web Design

If you want to really wow your clients and also need a lot more functionality than a template, then this is where we need to begin!

Through my collaborative approach, I aim to acquire a comprehensive understanding of your business, its ethos, and your online presence requirements.

I do this by inviting you on a discovery call, where I will connect with you and your brand to identify the key elements necessary to create a website that effectively communicates your message to your target audience.

Whether you require an e-commerce store, an online learning platform, or a yoga studio website, I will ensure that your website has all the essential functionality it needs to run smoothly, while being user-friendly and providing an enjoyable experience for your clients.

Working with you, I will strive to create an inviting virtual space that is a true reflection of your brand, attracting and retaining clients who will love to visit your website time and again.

How much does it cost?

Custom builds start at 600€.

How long will it take?

Custom builds vary in time scales and once we have had our initial call, I will send you a time line along with your estimate.

What's included?

As well as all the wix backend, your package comes with the following; 

✨Wix Account Setup

✨ Wix Website Design and Development

 ✨Responsive Device Optimization

✨Coming Soon Landing Page*

✨On Site Email Opt-In*

✨Implementation of Your Brand Colours & Fonts

✨High-Quality (Free) Stock Photos/Videos

✨Graphic Design and Photo Editing as needed

✨Favicon Designed and Added to Your Site**

✨Website Analytics/Google Analytics**

✨Connect/Setup to Google Search Console**

✨Domain connection**

✨Complete Wix SEO Wiz**

✨Full training on how to update your site (2 x hours)

✨Easy to Self Manage and Edit

*As required

**Requires a Wix premium account

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