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Template Web Design

If you're looking to establish an online presence for your business while being mindful of your budget, using a template is an excellent option.

After our discovery call, we will choose a template that fits your ideas and then I will customize it to fit your brand's identity and vision.

Incorporating your logo, color scheme, and other brand elements so it is personal to you and your vibe!

This way, your website will look professional and visually appealing, while remaining affordable.

This approach will save you both time and money, as I won't be building a website from scratch, and you can start attracting potential customers to your business quickly.

How much does it cost?

Templates start at 500€, depending on complexity and functionality needed. This does not include the Wix subscription fee or any other third party costs. Third party costs can be things like apps you want included in the site, translation costs or anything outside the standard the template format. All costs will be communicated with you. I will never add any costs in without you being involved and approving first.

How long will it take?

So long as you provide everything I request in the time scale I ask, a template option can be up and running in a matter of days. A launch date will be advised once everything is confirmed.

What's included?

Your site package will include;

✨Wix Account Setup

✨ Wix Website Design and Development

 ✨Responsive Device Optimization

✨On Site Email Opt-In*

✨Implementation of Your Brand Colours & Fonts

✨High-Quality (Free) Stock Photos/Videos

✨Favicon Designed and Added to Your Site**

✨Website Analytics/Google Analytics**

✨Connect/Setup to Google Search Console**

✨Domain connection**

✨Complete Wix SEO Wiz**

✨Full training on how to update your site ( 1 x hour)

✨Easy to Self Manage and Edit

*As required

**Requires a Wix premium account

What's not included:

What's not Included: ​ Wix premium subscription: A Wix 'Premium Plan will need to be purchased for a personalised domain name to be connected. Once the website design is completed, I will transfer it over to your Wix account for you to assign the subscription to and connect your domain name. If required, we can hop in a zoom call and I will guide you through these steps! ​Domain name and hosting: Wix offer a free domain name for the first year when purchasing their premium plan, which I always suggest you take advantage of. However, there are a many sites that you can purchase a domain name from. Domain names will need to be purchased separately, either by you before I get involved, or I can assist you at an extra cost - just ask! I would suggest you purchase your domain name as soon as you know what you want. Also, go for an address that ends with .com or if possible, as they hold more trust with an online audience. ​Copywriting: All of the copy (text) content that you would like included in the website needs to be provided to me before I start anything. This is always best coming from you as the owner of the business, but you can also hire people to do copywriting for you. Again, if you need help with this - please just ask! Images: All of the images that you would like included in your website will need to be provided to me - again before I begin. If you don't have your own images, there are many websites where you can purchase stock images and Wix also offers free stock images for free. ​ Logo + Branding: To ensure your brand consistency, I will need a copy your logo (Colour and Black & White versions) along with the hex codes for the colours of the brand. If you do not have any of this yet - speak to me! I can help. We will get it all ready before we start building!
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